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Sleek Shark Charm Paracod 550 Bracelet [12 Variants]

$ 14.95 USD

This Sleek Shark Charm Paracod 550 Bracelet is perfect for adventurous people like you. This Paracod cord is useful for many other tasks and is now used as a general purpose utility cord by both military personnel and civilians. This versatile cord was even used by astronauts to repair the Hubble Space Telescope

  • Length: Adjustable 27.5" - 29.5" or 70 cm - 75 cm
  • Can handle everyday wear
  • 12 Variants
  • Highly-resilient  Hook

Utilizing the latest military-grade threads, these accessories are engineered to have multiple life-saving functions, like the ability to be made into a makeshift fishing line, shelter, tourniquet, or even fire, making it an indispensable accessory to everyone! 

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